Improve the Health of Your Lawn

Contact us for irrigation installations

When you spend all week at work, you don't always remember when your lawn needs to be watered. Maybe you turn on the sprinklers and flood the area before turning them off. Green & Clean Landscaping offers irrigation installation for your commercial or residential property.

You want to be sure you have a system in place that will water your lawn to keep it healthy throughout the year. We'll design a system that maximizes the value of the lawn watering process. Call 336-624-5729 today to get an estimate on irrigation installation.


Keep your irrigation system maintained

Green & Clean Landscaping provides regular maintenance services to ensure:

  • The sprinkler heads are functional
  • The lines aren't clogged
  • The timer is working as scheduled

We also handle preparations to make sure it's working before summer and it won't freeze before winter. Get an irrigation system for your lawn by contacting Green & Clean Landscaping today.